Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know that having a baby changes your relationship with your significant other. I know that there is a transition period where things get pretty hectic and with time things can get back to a new normal. Well, lately I've been feeling like I'm losing my physical closeness with my husband. The other day, I hugged him and noticed that his scent, awash with my favorite cologne, was somewhat foreign to me. I couldn't remember the last time we held hands. Or, how many times I've come home in the past week and immediately hugged, kissed and cuddled with my son all the while not even making eye contact with his father. So, in typical female style, I went into a panic and had a sudden need to "fix" the situation before we end up filing for child custody at our divorce proceedings. For me, us not holding hands meant we were headed for trouble. Ok, I'm being a little extreme but I feel strongly that we have to jump on these things immediately. When I mentioned this to my husband he of course thought it was no big deal and that we weren't holding hands as much anymore because someone has to push the stroller. Duh!

To his credit, he knows me well and despite not entirely agreeing with me, he took some time off work and took us to Monterey to spend some quality time together. It was exactly what I needed to come down off of the mountain that I had made from my molehill. (Note: I work during the day and my husband works during the evenings. I am off on weekends and he is not. You get the picture.) While it wasn't exactly alone time, it was all that I needed to reconnect...until my next "blow things way out of proportion" moment.

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